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Healthy Relationships Therapy Group

Recovery and Renewing Healthy Relationships Therapy Group
in Riverside, CA

Recovery and Renewing Healthy Relationships is a recovery group for men who have or is struggling with sexual compulsive behaviors looking to understand, process and maintain sobriety.

Through the course of 12-week, each individual strives to work towards their individualized therapeutic goals. Utilizing Dr. Patrick Carnes, Ph.D, Facing the Shadows workbook and the 30-Task Model approach, each client is guided through their own journey to recovery.

The group offers clients a safe place to process feelings of shame and guilt in a judgement free environment through their journey to recovery while also gaining a support system.

Areas of Focus in this Healthy Relationships Therapy Group:

  • The Trauma of Discovery
  • The Nature of Sex Addiction
  • Managing the Crisis
  • Boundaries
  • How to Deal with the Emotional Aftershock
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Coping Skills
  • How to Communicate Your Feelings
  • Empowered Choices
  • Reclaim Your Identify/Sexuality
  • Choosing Your Next Steps

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