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Healing from Betrayal Trauma

Being blindsided by someone you love can be an incredibly confusing and hurtful experience. When a loved one does something you did not think they were capable of, such as in the case of sex addiction, you begin to have doubts as you try to make sense of a new reality. You might question why it happened, if your partner is who you thought they were, and even who you are.

Using EMDR and other trauma-based modalities, I will help you work through your thoughts and symptoms of betrayal trauma. Together, we will make sense of the situation and rebuild your sense of self so that you can eventually reconnect with your partner and reintegrate a stronger, healthy relationship.

You might be suffering from betrayal trauma if you:

  • Find yourself retracing your relationship and rewriting once comforting memories with a new, negative perspective.
  • Doubt everything, thinking your whole relationship, or life even, is a lie.
  • Feel paranoid or hyper-vigilant. You question the intent of every small action from not just your partner, but others as well.
  • Have nightmares or night terrors.
  • Feel unlovable or guilty about things that are not your fault.
  • Experience anxiety or panic attacks, depression, or eating problems.

Healing from betrayal trauma generally takes time and patience. However, you will come out of therapy stronger and capable of rebuilding meaningful and robust relationships.

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